Monofilamentinis valas ZFISH ZFX Feeder Camoline 150m, 0.2mm

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ZFISH line ZFX Match / Feeder CamoLine this is a unique, fast sinking line for feeder and float with unique CAMO properties. This special line is manufactured by a unique process in which the molecular structure of microparticles is implemented into the line, and this results in a completely unique appearance and visual properties of this material. This line blends perfectly and naturally with the underwater environment and plankton and becomes practically invisible to fish and does not disturb them at all. Other important features are its low elongation, the already mentioned fast diving, high load capacity and abrasion resistance.

  • Made with modern technology of microparticle structure implementation
  • Unique look and camouflage - blends with plankton and environment
  • Fast diving
  • High load capacity and abrasion resistance


  • 0.14mm / 2.50Kg
  • 0.16mm / 3.70Kg
  • 0.18mm / 4.60Kg
  • 0.20mm / 5.50Kg
  • 0.23mm / 6.90Kg
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